Organising e-learning modules in animal health training

Reading time : 4min How do you organise your modules for effective e-learning training? Digital training for your animal health employees must take into account the real-life conditions of your learners. E-learning modules will often be completed between consultations, or between  commercial visits. Keep in mind the attention span of your audience in those moments […]

E-learning animal health: Choosing relevant interactions

Reading time : 5min How do you choose interactions relevant to your e-learning training? Visual and interactive animations are powerful levers for learning and efficiency in e-learning, but they come at a cost: how can you make the most of them, while maximizing on your investment? If you keep in mind all the benefits of […]

Healthcare training through simulation: Practice to learn better

Reading time : 5min Health simulation: what is it about? Let us look together at the objectives, interests and above all good practices of this method, now considered essential in the field of healthcare. What is health simulation? Health simulation is a training method that consists of artificially reproducing realistic care situations or environments to not only learn […]