User testing for animal health
e-learning that’s usable and useful 

Reading time : 4min Benefits of user testing UX User experience will impact learners’ motivation and success. E-learning that’s designed to optimize the user experience has a higher instructional value to the individual and will improve performance.  Test with target learners veterinarians and nurses  User testing with potential ‘real life’ learners is important to ensure […]

Transform your approach to Learning & Development in the animal health industry

Reading time : 5min Transforming your L&D approach: a major challenge Why work on training and development within your company? Because the definition of an ambitious L&D strategy will have a major impact on your people and your business processes. Learning & Development will play a strategic role within your company in 5 key areas. 1. A real asset for […]

Evaluating the impact of your training with the Kirkpatrick model

Reading time : 5min The 4 assessment levels of the Kirkpatrick model The Kirkpatrick model was developed by American researcher Donald Kirkpatrick in 1959 and is based on the idea that there are 4 levels that determine the effectiveness of training; those being learner satisfaction, acquisition of knowledge and skills, applying these new skills to […]

How to set up a winning L&D approach?

Reading time : 3min Align L&D objectives with the company’s overall strategy One of the main challenges for L&D specialists is to align the training plan with the overall strategy of their organization. The idea is simple: the goal of the L&D function should be to equip your staff with the skills required to achieve the strategic and operational […]

Animal health – E-learning or presentation training?

Reading time : 3min Choosing between e-learning and presentation training in the animal health sector Wondering about the relevance of e-learning or presentation training for your project? Both forms of learning have advantages and disadvantages. However, the real trend is something called blended  learning. What is blended learning? It is a powerful form of learning that uses synergy between […]

How can animal health learning be gamified?

Reading time : 5min Start with your learners to offer them a personalized experience The trap of gamification is to forget that the initial goal is to teach, to transmit, to train veterinary learners. Before you think about the game mechanics and fun features you could add to your training modules, focus first on future users of your […]

Animal health: Create a personalised e-learning training

Reading time : 4min 3 questions to ask your audience to customise your e-learning training For a tailor-made experience, knowing your audience is essential. The first question to ask when designing a digital training is – who is the learning path for? This critical question is too often overlooked for other more attractive issues of […]

Setting the stage for impactful digital animal health training: The key is strategy

Reading time : 3min Carry out a productive training strategy audit Behind any training strategy, development is crucial. Before rolling out your training project, it is important to ask yourself about the key points that define the scope of your animal health training. This is an essential step in effectively adapting digital training to the culture […]

Steering an impactful digital animal health training course: The key points

Reading time : 3min Developing engaging content A good e-learning strategy requires a high level of commitment from learners. The development of a high-quality educational programme is therefore a step that should not be overlooked. After all, isn’t that the heart of the matter? Here are some tips on how to do this: The training should be easily integrated into […]